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Google Classroom

We will now be using Google Classrooms for Home Learning.


In Google Classrooms your teachers will be setting daily work for you. You will also be able to ask your teachers questions about your learning and they will respond and provide feedback to you.


To help with this we have produced a guide that can be found here to show you how to log in and use the classroom. If you have any problems with your log in please use the Contact Us Form below and we will get back to you asap. We hope that this makes your learning easier and a little more interactive during the time we cannot be with you.


We also know that it is hard for some of you to access the work that is set as your brothers and sisters are also using your family laptops/computer or your parents are working from home and need those resources too.  For those of you who are finding it hard to access online work, we are happy to create packs and allow you to pick them up from school. If you would like a packs made up each week, then please ask your parents to let the school know via email or by calling the school office.


Your work will appear in your classrooms each morning but you may want to log in before your google classroom lesson begins to make sure that you are ready.


Live Teaching Times


Year group Timings
Nursery 9.30am


Reception 9.30am                   English

11am                      Phonics

1pm                        Maths

Year 1 9.45am                   Maths

11.15am                 English/Phonics

12.45pm                 Topics

Year 2 10:00am                Reading

12:00pm                English

2:00pm                  Maths

Year 3 9.30am                   English

11am                      Maths

1pm                        Topic

Year 4 9am                         English

10.30am                 Maths

1.30pm                   Topic

Years 5 and 6 10am                       English

12pm                       Maths

2pm                         Topic

Speech and Language Unit 9.30am                   Maths

11am                      English

1pm                        Topic