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Health and wellbeing

How we promote an Active/ Healthy lifestyle as a school:-

  • Daily mile.
  • After school sports clubs.
  • PE taught once a week from nursery to year 6.
  • Children regularly compete in competitions such as netball/ football/ rugby tournaments, athletics, cross country.
  • Walk, Cycle or Scooter to school week.
  • Children learn about healthy/ unhealthy food and benefits of exercise.
  • Posters around the school to advertise and promote healthy eating.
  • Healthy dinner¬†school meals served.
  • Jigsaw PSD/PSE Scheme from ages 3/11

Primary Scheme of Work for Curriculum for Wales Health and Well-being AoLE

During our return to school pupils will be spending 50% of their time in the outdoors to develop resilience. Working in the outdoors improves wellbeing, develops physical and social skills and encourages their imagination and exploration of the natural world around them.

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