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Meet the staff

Staff structure 2021/22


Senior Leadership Team

Mr G Jones                  Headteacher

Mr P Gooding             Deputy Headteacher

Mr D Roe                     KS2 Phase Lead

Mrs C Maloy                FPh Lead

Mrs K Lewis                 ALNCO



Dosbarth Gwdihiw (Nursery)    

Miss G Lewis (Teacher)

Mrs M Williams (TA)

Mrs N Simon (TA)

Miss C Hayward (TA)


Dosbarth Cadno (Reception)    

Mrs Z Nangalia (Teacher – On Maternity leave)

Miss D Murray (Teacher)

Mrs Z Edwards (TA)

Mrs E North-Mullis (TA)


Dosbarth Wiwer (Rec/Y1)       

Miss C Philips (Teacher)

Miss R Rees (TA)


Dosbarth Aderyn (Y2)               

Mrs C Maloy (SLT / Teacher)

Mrs H Anthony (HLTA)


Dosbarth Awyr (Y3)          

Mrs M Hocking (Teacher)

Mrs L Hughes (TA)

Ms C Davies (1:1)



Dosbarth Lleuad (Y4)               

Mr R Knight (Teacher)


Miss S Brown (TA)

Ms F Davies (1:1)


Dosbarth Haul (Y5/6)       

Mr P Gooding (Deputy / Teacher)

Mrs K Huntley (TA)

Mrs D Williams (1:1)


Dosbarth Enfys (Y5/6)       

Mr S Devonald (Teacher)

Mr N Davies (TA)


Dosbarth Seren (Y5/6)                          

Mr D Roe (SLT / Teacher)

Mrs R Gaines (1:1)


Canolfan Yr Ynys (Speech and language unit) 

Miss L Boswell (Teacher)

Mrs S Sillick (TA)
Mrs D Williams (TA)

Mrs J Evans (TA)


School Staff

Mrs K Lewis (ALNCO – PPA)

Miss A Strelly (Teacher – Infant class size, Y1/2)

Miss C Moss (Teacher – PPA / Interventions)

Miss S Butcher (Teacher – NQT placement)

Miss S Hearne (Y1/2 interventions TA 0.6)

Miss A Staples (Admin/KS2 Interventions)

Mrs S Rogers (Places2Be – Mental Health Practitioner)


Miss S Garcia (Cover supervisor)

Mrs H Hayes (Family Inclusion officer – Maternity leave)


Mrs J West (Admin officer)

Mr J Cranham(Premises Manager)


Catering / Lunchtime staff