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Values & Vision

Vision and Values

At Ysgol Bryn Teg we reach for the stars

We aim high and challenge ourselves each day to become the best that we can be. We show respect for the needs and rights of others through teamwork, hard work and having high expectations. We are proud of who we are and celebrate diversity. 

At our school we nurture wellbeing. We become well rounded individuals. We look after our physical, social and emotional wellbeing. We learn within a caring, supportive and inclusive environment. We are happy, healthy and confident. We provide a welcoming, safe place and are central to our community. 

In our school we develop independence. We make the most of every day. We learn to be independent, resilient and embrace all challenges. We thrive on problem solving and taking risks. We are valued and everyone has a voice. We are the future, we reach for the stars, we are Ysgol Bryn Teg.